Photo of Rajiv Pant at World Economic Forum Conference

Rajiv Pant & Company  is the leadership and management practice of Rajiv Pant focused on product, design, and engineering (PDE).


Rajiv primarily works with clients in the following areas.

1. Strategic consulting for initiatives that depend on successful execution and integration of product, design, and engineering (PDE) work.

2. Audit of technology and digital capabilities for investments, mergers, and acquisitions. Analysis of existing product, design, and engineering teams and processes resulting in recommendations for transformation or incremental improvements.

3. Content Management Systems (CMS) and media/journalism technologies for use in multiple industries and use cases

4. Application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science to automate and augment human capabilities.

5. Advising, mentoring, and coaching in the above areas.


Rajiv Pant ・ राजीव पंत ・ 潘睿哲

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